Latte depends on HDF5 and cmake.

To build Latte, you will need HDF5, cmake, and either OpenBLAS or MKL. What to install will vary by platform and your needs.


The easiest setup with serial HDF5, cmake, and OpenBLAS.

$ sudo apt-get install hdf5-tools libhdf5-dev cmake libopenblas-dev

For MPI support you can use the mpich provided packages or compile HDF5 yourself.

$ sudo apt-get install libmpich2-dev mpich2 hdf5-tools libhdf5-mpich2-dev

Installing the Julia package

Until Latte is added to the Julia Package Repository, it must be directly cloned off Github as follows:

julia> Pkg.clone("")

Latte currently depends on the master branch of some dependencies, they can be checked out as follows:

julia> Pkg.checkout("CompilerTools")
julia> Pkg.checkout("ParallelAccelerator")

Next, build the supporting libraries for Latte with


To ensure everything was installed properly, run the test suite:

julia> Pkg.test("Latte")
INFO: Latte tests passed