Conference Proceedings

  • Term Set Expansion based on Multi-Context Term Embeddings: an End-to-end Workflow, Mamou, Jonathan; Pereg, Oren; Wasserblat, Moshe; Dagan, Ido; Goldberg, Yoav; Eirew, Alon; Green, Yael; Guskin, Shira; Izsak, Peter; Korat, Daniel, COLING 2018 System Demonstration paper. (paper, video, models: [solution, NP2vec, Chunker])
  • Term Set Expansion based NLP Architect by Intel AI Lab, Jonathan Mamou, Oren Pereg, Moshe Wasserblat, Alon Eirew, Yael Green, Shira Guskin, Peter Izsak, Daniel Korat, EMNLP 2018 System Demonstration. (paper)

Video Tutorials

  • Intel AI AIDC 2018:
    • Natural Language Question/Answer Systems: Hands on Workshop - Andy Keller, Anna Bethke (video, slides)
    • Using Deep Learning for Entity Detection and Intent Extraction in Natural Language: Hands on Workshop - Peter Izsak (video, slides)
  • Classifying NLP with Deep Learning: Webinar - Anna Bethke (video)


  • NeurIPS 2018:
    • Unsupervised Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis (video)