nlp_architect.nn.tensorflow.python.keras.utils package


nlp_architect.nn.tensorflow.python.keras.utils.layer_utils module

nlp_architect.nn.tensorflow.python.keras.utils.layer_utils.load_model(filepath, model) → None[source]

Load a model (tf.keras) from disk, create topology from loaded values and load weights. :param filepath: path to model :type filepath: str :param model: model object to load

nlp_architect.nn.tensorflow.python.keras.utils.layer_utils.save_model(model:, topology: dict, filepath: str) → None[source]

Save a model to a file (tf.keras models only) The method save the model topology, as given as a :param model: model object :param topology: a dictionary of topology elements and their values :type topology: dict :param filepath: path to save model :type filepath: str

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